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SARAH COOK COMPETITIONS SECRETARY 07985 740953 (correct What’s app group)
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Thursday PPA Rules Team KO

Round 1 Round 2 Quarter Final Semi Final Final Winner
16/11/2023 21/12/2023 01/02/2024 04/04/2024 12/04/2024
H: Crowning Glory6
H: Crowning Glory4
A: Bluebell Dream Team2
H: Whittle Legends6
H: Blue Boar Ballers3
A: Whittle Legends6
A: Whittle Legends6
H: Whittle Legends1
H: Boar Bandits6
A: Boar Bandits8
A: Boar Bandits3
H: Burghley Club
A: Burghley Club4
A: Bye
H: Whittle Legends
H: Burghley Beercats
H: Burghley Beercats2
A: Bye
H: Legionnaires B6
H: Legionnaires B
A: Legionnaires B6
A: Bye
A: Legionnaires B0
H: Whittle Nomads
H: Whittle Nomads0
A: Bye
A: Childers3
H: Childers
A: Childers6
A: Bye
H: Just the Tip
H: Just the Tip3
A: Bye
H: Bluebell Shots6
H: Bluebell Shots
A: Bluebell Shots7
A: Bye
H: Bluebell Shots1
H: Dragonfly Dossers
H: Dragonfly Dossers6
A: Bye
A: Dragonfly Dossers4
H: The Bullox
A: The Bullox3
A: Bye
A: Bluebell Shots
H: All Day Long Mate
H: All Day Long Mate4
A: Bye
H: Oxcart 'B'4
H: Oxcart 'B'
A: Oxcart 'B'6
A: Bye
A: Bluebell Nite Out0
H: Bluebell Nite Out
H: Bluebell Nite Out6
A: Bye
A: Bluebell Nite Out6
H: Geroge's Angels
A: Geroge's Angels3
A: Bye
No.Team NameMain Contact Number
1.Crowning GlorySteve Winterman - 07843010310
2.Bluebell Dream TeamKieren Murphy - 07533791482
3.Blue Boar BallersDan Martin - 07961843886
4.Whittle LegendsCharlie Casbon - 07889780664
5.PMSLPaul Stimson - 07706630817
6.Boar BanditsShaun Duffy - 07860773143
7.Burghley ClubSimon Briggs - 07931974905
9.Burghley BeercatsAndy Donnell - 07912559893
11.Legionnaires BJohn Dickman - 07904133996
13.Whittle NomadsDanny Curphey - 07724403921
15.ChildersScott Hudson - 07783561999
17.Just the TipCallum Nash - 07415959075
19.Bluebell ShotsJonathan Shaul - 07974700252
21.Dragonfly DossersMatthew Kinlan - 07501427315
23.The BulloxJason Tanner - 07940210245
25.All Day Long MateMatt Kemp - 07983920695
27.Oxcart 'B'Dave Craig - 07710859125
29.Bluebell Nite OutIvan Fovargue - 07544477789
31.Geroge's AngelsAlan Willis - 07983703314