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WAYNE ALDRED LADIES COMP SECRETARY (results to the Ladies What’s app group)
SARAH COOK COMPETITIONS SECRETARY 07985 740953 (correct What’s app group)
WAYNE ALDRED INTERNATIONAL RULES COMP SECRETARY (results to the Ladies What’s app group)
PPA RULES COMP SECRETARY (correct What’s app group)

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Wednesday Blackball Team KO

Round 1 Quarter Final Semi Final Final Winner
15/11/2023 20/12/2023 31/01/2024 27/03/2024
H: Parkway Elite8
H: Court Cubs0
A: Court in Time7
H: Parkway Elite0
H: Court Cubs8
A: Parkway Elite1
A: Post Office6
H: Parkway Newbies0
H: Parkway Newbies8
H: Parkway Newbies1
A: Farcet Flukes1
A: Parkway Newbies1
H: Parkway XTC7
A: Bowls Club Nomads0
A: Bowls Club Nomads8
Parkway Jokers
H: Parkway Jokers
H: Parkway Jokers1
A: Bye
H: Parkway Jokers1
H: Borough Boys
A: Borough Boys0
A: Bye
A: Parkway Jokers1
H: Nigel's Happy Keys
H: Nigel's Happy Keys1
A: Bye
A: Nigel's Happy Keys0
H: Norton Cavaliers
A: Norton Cavaliers0
A: Bye
No.Team NameMain Contact Number
1.Parkway EliteJason Bisley - 07546541926
2.Court in TimeJosh Martin - 07790225401
3.Court CubsJohn Roe - 07702051349
4.Post OfficeJames Cruickshank - 07714624735
5.Parkway NewbiesRyan Anderson - 07731455718
6.Farcet FlukesPaul Hunter - 07486560110
7.Parkway XTCDave Harrison - 07473774731
8.Bowls Club NomadsPeter Sterry - 07955032875
9.Parkway JokersTony Clark - 07711789381
11.Borough BoysRoy Hasdell - 07508827679
13.Nigel's Happy KeysRick Gibbons - 07932535902
15.Norton CavaliersDani Gatto - 07857967756