1. The name of the organisation shall be the “PETERBOROUGH POOL ASSOCIATION” herein after the P.P.A.
  2. The object of the P.P.A. is to provide facilities and promote the Sport of Pool in the Peterborough area to all, irrespective of disability, race, colour, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, age or sex. To enable them to become involved in the Sport at whatever their level of competence or status.
  3. The P.P.A. will affiliate to the Cambridgeshire Pool Association, which gives them automatic affiliation to the English Pool Association, who are recognised by the Sports Council as the governing body for Pool in England.
  4. The cost of membership will be reviewed annually by the committee and proposed at the AGM. All monies will be handled and banked by the duly elected Treasurer. All outgoing cheques must be signed by at least two from three signatories following proper banking mandate; the signatories must be serving Committee members, one being the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall present a statement of accounts at any time when requested by the Committee and at each monthly Committee meeting. The Treasurer will present fully audited accounts of the Association to the AGM annually.


  1. An AGM will be held to elect a Committee for the forthcoming Season (Summer or Winter) and to consider any proposals to change the Constitution. The General Secretary will publicise the exact date well in advance.
  2. Each registered team present at the AGM and each Committee Member present at the AGM will be allowed one vote on any motions debated at the AGM, except the Chairperson who has the casting vote if required.
  3. The representative of each registered team will be given a voting card at the AGM. No person can represent more than one team.
  4. The AGM will elect a Committee to manage all business appertaining to the P.P.A., consisting of a Chairperson, General Secretary and Treasurer and any other committee members required in the opinion of the committee, two of which must include Results Secretary(ies) and Competitions Secretary, all of who must be registered to play for a team during their period of office.
  5. In addition, the committee shall attempt to include additional representatives for each of the leagues (if not represented by existing committee members) to be re-elected on a seasonal basis.
  6. The General Secretary must receive nominations for any Committee post in writing at least 14 days before the appropriate AGM. If however, there are places on the Committee left unfilled (due to resignations etc.) the AGM can nominate any person present on the night. All nominees will be notified in writing of the Committees decision following the AGM.
  7. The General Secretary will produce attendance records of Committee Meetings and a brief summary of work done by each Committee Member during their time in office. This information will be made available if requested.
  8. The Chairman, League Secretary & Treasurer must be members of the retiring Committee and will be elected first. These senior committee positions will be due for re-election on a two-year rotation where Chairperson and Results secretaries would be considered for (re) elections on odd years and General Secretary and Treasurer positions on “even‟ years with the following precedence:

Chairperson (Odd Years)

Results Secretary positions (Odd Years)

General Secretary (Even Years)

Treasurer (Even Years)

Any other remaining positions will be re-elected

as required on a seasonal basis.

  1. Motions to change the Constitution for the forthcoming season must be received in writing by the General Secretary at least 14 days before the relevant AGM. Motions must be seconded by a person from another team other than that of the proposer. The General Secretary will distribute these motions to all registered teams before the date of the AGM.
  2. The proposer or his/her nominee has the right to address the AGM on his/her motion. The motion will then be debated.
  3. Amendments to proposals will be accepted at the AGM. Should any amendment be proposed, a free vote would be taken to determine the final motion.
  4. All Teams/Players must abide by the Constitution as accepted by the AGM, and also any decisions made by the Committee. An Emergency General Meeting (EGM) can be called by informing the General Secretary in writing of the reason for calling the meeting. At least 3 teams must support the call for an EGM. The Committee reserves the right to call an EGM at anytime. The Committee will decide the date of the EGM, which will be held at the earliest opportunity. The General Secretary will publicise the date well in advance.


  1. Committee Meetings will take place each month unless it is deemed unnecessary. The General Secretary will notify Committee Members of the exact date well in advance.
  2. Any Committee Member can call a Committee Meeting after giving 72 hours’ notice in writing to the General Secretary, explaining the reason for the meeting.
  3. The Committee will elect a Vice-Chairperson, Open Competitions Secretary and also create any other posts deemed necessary to efficiently run the P.P.A.
  4. If any dispute occurs which involves teams that Committee Members are registered with, then the Committee Members involved will not be allowed to vote on that particular dispute.
  5. The Committee shall base all it’s decisions on the Constitution in force at the time. If not covered in the Constitution, the Committee has the right to make any decision that, in their opinion, is necessary or beneficial to the P.P.A. Any changes made throughout the season will be forwarded to all captains.
  6. Any Committee decisions are final. Any form of verbal or physical abuse towards anybody associated with the P.P.A Committee will not be tolerated and could result in being banned indefinitely.
  7. Any decisions made by the committee that require attention before the next meeting, may be managed by way of a poll vote, whereby the committee member that requires the change can contact other committee members and receive agreed votes equal to 50% of the committee in total.
  8. The Minutes of each Committee Meeting will be distributed by the General Secretary to each Committee Member as routine and to any Team on request. Any Committee Member who misses 2 consecutive meetings without giving his/her apologies will be deemed to have resigned from the Committee.
  9. 25% of committee members will be D.B.S. checked.


  1. The P.P.A. Leagues are open to all teams in the Peterborough area.
  2. Any new venue must have their registration ratified by the appropriate Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  3. The Committee will decide the entry fee for each League. (currently £55.00).
  4. Before the start of each season the General Secretary will announce the closing date for registration of teams (Registration Night). All teams must pay their registration fees and hand in their fully completed registration forms on or before the advised closing date (Registration Night). No registration forms will be accepted after the registration night. There will also be a £5.00 surcharge for returned cheques.
  5. Teams must provide a telephone number for the venue and a separate telephone number of their Captain. The General Secretary will distribute fixtures at the start of each season.
  6. If the same venue registers 2 or more teams, they will be treated completely independently of each other. Venues with only 1 pool table will only be allowed to register 2 teams per night.
  7. Teams wishing to register new players not on the registration sheet can do so by marking the scorecard with a star beside their name. The player will become officially registered when they sign the match card. NO NEW PLAYERS CAN BE SIGNED ON THE NIGHT OF A CUP FIXTURE OR THE LAST GAME OF THE SEASON.
  8. Players who wish to transfer to another team must obtain permission from the Committee before doing so. CAPTAINS TO CHECK BEFORE THEY SIGN ON PLAYERS.
  9. PLAYERS WHO TRANSFER TEAMS DURING THE SEASON WILL BE CLASSED AS CUP TIED. If a player signs a registration form but the season has not officially started, therefore has not played a game then that player will not be cup tied.
  10. No team at any venue will be allowed to sign more than 3 players from a team that dropped out of the league the previous season (CAPTAINS TO CHECK BEFORE THEY SIGN ON) without prior permission from the Committee.
  11. Teams should also note that if a match needs to be rescheduled outside their usual league night, they must remain flexible to do so.


  1. The General Secretary will send fixtures out to all registered teams in good time for the start of the season.
  2. To be deemed to have completed a fixture, a team must have enough players available to play to be theoretically able to win the match (minimum of 3 players.)
  3. Teams will referee frames alternately, with the Home team refereeing the 1st frame. Captains should make sure that their nominated referees are fully conversant with the current P.P.A./Blackball/International playing rules. Captains to ensure that those refereeing are knowledgeable in the rules and are in a position to be refereeing a frame fairly.
  4. If there is a disagreement over playing rules during a frame then the referee will stop the frame immediately. He/she will then consult the rules sheet and may take advice from both captains and any P.P.A./Blackball/International Rules qualified referee, if present, but no-one else. The referees‟ decision is final. Captains should ensure that the referee is responsible and knowledgeable of the playing rules and pays attention to the match being played.
  5. At least one frame should be signed by each of the player indicating he/she is available when his/her frame is due to be played. At the end of the match the captain of each team should sign the result card, under their own team, to indicate that they are happy with the card. Each reserve player must sign the card before the start of the match and the opponent captain must sign to verify that they are present. If there is any dispute the result card should not be signed by the captain, however, it must be sent in as normal. A letter outlining the dispute using the Complaints procedure Sheet 1 should be sent to the General Secretary within 7 days.
  6. The match format will be as follows:
    • Tuesday Ladies League: 
      • 10 frames, 2 sessions of 5 singles. Away team order to be changed in the 2nd session the break is decided by the toss of a coin Start.
    • Wednesday International Rules League:
      • 15 frames, 3 Sessions of 5 Singles. Away team order to be changed in the 2nd and 3rd Sessions. The break to be decided by lag for the first break and alternate breaks thereafter. 8pm start. 1 minute maximum between shots.
    • Thursday PPA League:  
      • 10 frames, 2 sessions of 5 singles. Away team order to be changed in the 2nd session the break is decided by the toss of a coin  Start.
    • Thursday Blackball Rules League:
      • 15 frames, 3 Sessions of 5 Singles. Away team order  to be changed in the 2nd and 3rd Sessions. The break to be decided by lag for the first break and alternate breaks thereafter. 8pm start. 1 minute maximum between shots.
    • Thursday International Rules League:
      • 15 frames, 3 Sessions of 5 Singles. Away team order to be changed in the 2nd and 3rd Sessions. The break to be decided by lag for the first break and alternate breaks thereafter. 8pm start. 1 minute maximum between shots.
  7. Matches must commence promptly. The home team must vacate the table 10 minutes prior to the match, so that the away team may have a warmup.
  8. If any team turns up late, they will forfeit 1 frame for every 10 minutes that the start of the match is delayed. Captains are asked to make sure these rules are enforced. The Captain of the team present has the right to continue to claim the un-played frames and continue onwards to next available frame to play when the opposition appears.
  9. If a team arrive at a venue on or after the times listed below (After a 30-minute delay), the game will be classed as ‘UNPLAYED’ THE GAME WILL BE RE-ARRANGED. No games can be claimed 10-0 or 15-0.
    • Tuesday Ladies League                 – 8:00pm
    • Wednesday Blackball Rules         – 8:00pm
    • Thursday Blackball Rules              – 8:00pm
    • Thursday International Rules       – 8:00pm
    • Thursday PPA Rules                        – 8:30pm
  10. The score card must be filled in from number one to five without gaps (first session). The remainder of the card can be completed before the start of the next session. The names of all players (including reserves) must be written on the result card before the start of the next session match. If any players wish to play their games early as they need to leave early, the first session MUST be completed before any remaining frames can be played early (providing both captains agree to playing the frames early and out of order). The numbers one to five are the players playing positions and must be adhered to. Playing players in one position in the first set and then changing them in the next set is not allowed (eg playing position 1 then in the next set playing position 2). The only time a player may change position is in a match with 3 sessions when they can sit out the middle session.
  11. The Captains can, if they wish, write, “NO PLAYER‟ and initial any space in the player’s name (not signature) column of the result card left vacant by the opposing team captain. “No Player” must go in position 5, if a second “No Player” is written, it must go in position 4 for Blackball/International Rules and position 3 for PPA Rules (No exceptions)
  12. Once the 2 teams have been listed NO changes should be made to the result card. No players, including reserves, can be added, or any changes in order of play are to be made, unless otherwise agreed by both captains. Players cannot play someone they have previously played in the same match (If re-inserting a player from a previous session and they are due to play the same player they must either be placed elsewhere or left out).
  13. There is no restriction on the time a player must turn up for the match, except that he/she must be available when his/her frame is due to be played. If he/she is not present a time limit of 10 minutes will apply before the frame can be claimed.
  14. If a player is absent when they are due to play their frame their place may be taken by a reserve. Each reserve will only be allowed to take the place of 1 absent player.


  1. If a team NEEDS to postpone a match, they MUST FIRST gain the approval of RESULTS SECRETARY giving the reason for the postponement, then inform the opposing team captain and the venue. It is suggested that the opposing team also informs the Results Secretary.
  2. If a team postpones a match they will be deducted points on the following scale. Less than 12 hours’ notice they will be deducted 4 points. Between 12 & 24 hours’ notice they will be deducted 3 points. Between 24 & 48 hours’ notice they will be deducted 2 points. Only in extreme circumstances, will exceptions be made.
  3. If the Results Secretary is not notified it would be assumed that no notice was given, and 4 points will be deducted from THE POSTPONING TEAM. If a team fails to follow the rules on more than 1 occasion they will be dealt with by the Committee.
  4. Matches must be cancelled should a team be deemed to be unable to complete a fixture i.e. a team must have enough players available to play to be theoretically able to win the match (minimum of 3 players.) and otherwise at the discretion of the Results Secretary.
  5. Teams registering with the P.P.A., agree to being available on an evening outside their ‘league night’ for rescheduling matches if necessary. Although every effort can be made to schedule an outstanding match on an available free ‘cup night’, this is not always feasible.
  6. All Postponed matches must be re-arranged within 4 weeks of the original match date. It is the responsibility of both captains to get matches played within the 4 weeks. If this is not done BOTH teams will be deducted 1 point for each week (or part of a week) over the 4 weeks. If there is less than 4 weeks to the end of the season, the re-arranged match must take place before the last league match. The last match of the season CANNOT be postponed but can be played before the fixture date.

  7. If the opposing team has incurred expenses by a match being postponed, they should deal with the cancelling team direct.
  8. If teams cannot agree on a suitable date, for the re-arranged match, then the Results Secretary must be informed and will mediate, using blank cup dates if possible and if not specify a date. All matches must be played, or teams will be deemed as having Withdrawn from the League.


  1. All the matches of any team that fails to complete the season will be declared void and the league table will be adjusted accordingly.
  2. Any team who wishes to withdraw from the league during a season, for whatever reason, must put it in writing to the Results Secretary. Permission must be gained from the person who paid the Registration Fee before there can be any adjustment to the league. Teams who withdraw from the league within the last six weeks of the season may not be allowed to enter a team the following season.
  3. Teams who do not finish the season, for whatever reason, forfeit all money paid.
  4. Any team who wishes to change venue during a season, for whatever reason, must put it in writing to the General Secretary. Permission must be gained from the Committee and the person who paid the Registration Fee before the move can go ahead.


  1. The scoring system will be 1 point for each frame won and an extra point for a match won.
  2. Results cards are to be posted in the relevant WhatsApp group. Match results MUST be with the appropriate Results Secretary on WhatsApp by 6.30 pm on the following day. The Score Card to be posted by the WINNING team, HOME team if a Draw. Failure to do so will result in teams being deducted points.
  3. The players of the Winning teams who fail to send in the scorecard will not be awarded player ranking points due to them for that match. Failing to comply will result in further action to be taken by the Committee, at their discretion.


Below is a list of the standard penalties enforced by the committee for the most common offences, the existing right to appeal remains available to any teams affected.

1st Offence 2nd Offence 3rd Offence 4th Offence
Late Cards
Failure to send in a result within 24 hours of play WARNING 1 Point 3 Points 4 Points
Failure to post scorecard within 24 hours WARNING 1 Point 3 Points 4 Points
Failure to contact Results Secretary/Notice given less than 12 hours prior to match 4 Points 4 Points
Notice between 12 and 24 hours 3 Points Same Same Same
Notice between 24 and 48 hours 2 Points Same Same Same
Notice Exceeding 48 Hours No Loss of Points


  1. The top 2 teams in each division will be promoted. The bottom 2 teams in each division will be relegated, subject to any league re-organisation that may occur.
  2. In the event of a tie on points in the league at the end of the season, matches won and lost will be taken into consideration. If there is still a tie a play-off will be held to determine league winners, runner-up, or relegated teams. The play-offs will take place at a neutral venue, on a date and place decided by the Committee.
  3. The Committee will record wins by players in all individual Singles games in all Divisions of the Ladies / Wednesday International Rules / Thursday P.P.A. Rules / Thursday International Rules. These records will only be taken from the scorecard received. Each player will be given 1 ranking point for a win. At the end of the season Trophies will be presented to the players with the most ranking points in their respective Division. If there is a tie on ranking wins, players will be deemed joint winners.


  1. The P.P.A. will run viable, individual open or closed competitions for all PPA registered players.
  2. Players entering the competitions will (unless they indicate that they are the Landlord/Landlady on the entry form) not be able to leave the venue telephone number as their contact number. If they do not give a personal contact number on the entry form then their captain or team contact number will be given on the draw as appropriate.
  3. The competitions will be open to all P.P.A. registered players from that season, with the entry fee decided by the Committee (Currently £2.00 per player per competition, including the Captain’s Cup).
  4. At the Quarter Finals stage and beyond of all competitions, players must have played in 50% of the respective league fixtures. Any player failing to have participated 50% will be subject to automatic disqualification.
  5. If a team withdraws, or is expelled, from the league, any players from that team will cease to be eligible to play in League Competitions. The Captain will not be allowed to continue in the Captain’s Cup Competition. Any player transferring teams during the season will forfeit their right to continue in any competitions, no exceptions.
  6. Teams wishing to nominate a reserve for the Triples competitions (i.e. the teams can choose any 3 players from the 4 registered). During a Triples match once a player has been replaced by the reserve no further changes will be allowed.
  7. The Captain’s Cup entry will be the name placed on the original team Registration Sheet and all documentation will be sent to that person only. The genuine Captain must sign the competition entry form to indicate his/her intention of entering the Captain’s Cup draw. (This will be checked).
  8. P.P.A. Rules Singles & Captains matches are the best of 5 frames up to and including the Quarterfinals and then the best of 7 frames thereafter. PPA Doubles matches are the best of 3 frames up to and including the Quarterfinals and then the best of 5 frames thereafter. International Rules competitions are the best of 5 frames to Quarterfinals and then best of 7 frames thereafter. Triples will be the best of 9 throughout the competition.
  9. It is the DUTY of both players/teams to contact each other and agree a mutual date (BEFORE THE DATE OF THE DEADLINE) for the game to be played. If any player/team turn up late for the agreed time, they will forfeit 1 frame for every 10 minutes that the start of the match is delayed. If no contact can be made or a difficulty arises, they are to contact the Competitions Secretary for adjudication. No games can automatically be claimed.
  10. The winners of all matches must message the result to the Open Competitions Secretary as soon as they have been played. Any results that are not received by closing date deadline will be deemed unplayed and all parties will be eliminated for the next round draw.
  11. Any conflicts of scheduling will be reviewed by the Committee. Any and all decisions made by the Committee will be final.
  12. In the Cup Team Knockout Competition no games can be cancelled.


  1. The Minimum age for a player to play in the P.P.A. Leagues is 10 years of age. Proof of date of birth is required for players between 10yrs and 18yrs. If a Captain has a player between 10 & 18 years of age in his/her team, he/she must contact the opposing Pub/Club at least 48 hours before an away match date to gain permission for him/her to play. The decision of the Pub/Club is Final.
  2. If permission is not granted by the venue for a minor to enter, then the use of a mutually agreeable venue may be used with agreement of both captains. If permission is granted, the player becomes the responsibility of the away team Captain.
  3. All youth players MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times, during league matches and all competitions. And a youth form must be completed before the start of the season.
  4. Captains must be over the age of 18 years before taking control of a team in any part of the P.P.A.


  1. Any formal complaint must be filed to the General Secretary using Sheet 1 of the complaint’s forms within 7 days. Once received, Sheet 2 and copy of sheet 1 will be sent for completion by the opposing team/individual and returned to the General Secretary within the time specified.
  2. Once both completed sheets are received, the complaint will be reviewed at the following committee meeting and decided by the committee if any action is to be taken, and/or if a disciplinary hearing is required.
  3. All parties involved will be contacted with the outcome and decision made by the committee in writing.


In exceptional circumstances an appeal based on new relevant facts may be submitted to the committee in writing within 7 days of the decision, The original panel will then decide if it is necessary to rehear the case.


If Peterborough Pool Association decides by a simple majority that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Association, it shall call a special general meeting of all members with the power to vote and the members of the area of benefit. Twenty-one days’ notice shall be given of such a meeting by posting notices in conspicuous places in the area of benefit stating the wording of the proposed resolution.

The P.P.A. Committee can only be dissolved if ALL of Committee members present at the special general meeting vote for a motion to dissolve it.

If such a resolution if confirmed by a simple majority vote the Committee shall dispose of any assets held in the name of P.P.A. Any assets still usable provided by grant aid from Peterborough City Council, any other statutory bodies, or organisations they shall be returned after satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities.

Any assets left after that shall be given to organisations with similar purposes to Sue Ryder Care and British Heart Foundation on a 50/50 split, working in the area of benefit. Any disposal of assets that cannot be satisfied by any of the above shall be passed to Peterborough Council for Voluntary Services.

Last updated & Approved: 15th April 2024