As one of the largest Pool Associations in the region, with over 1000 players, made up of Youths (10 to 18 years of age) and Adults (18 years onwards). We are proud to be able to provide facilities and promote the Sport of Pool in the Peterborough area, with varied evenings to choose from, giving young and old alike, the opportunity to grow in the sport and providing the experience with the option of a relaxing, enjoyable night out or a competitive challenge, in a safe and controlled environment.

League Standings

  • Tuesday PPA Womens Division 1

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1It's the Bubbles121296
    2Sports Bra's12991
    3Parkway Pocketers11876
    4Ebeneezer's Babes12571
    5Party Animals11561
    6Elm Tree Biatches11250
    7Burghley Ball Breakers12248
    8Dragonfly Dreamers11345
  • Wednesday World Rules Division 1

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Ebeneezer Hotshots129117
    2Yard Legends128111
    3Norton Warriors128109
    4Post Office127104
    5Parkway XTC127101
    6Sportsman Rockets12592
    7Parkway Pirates12587
    8Nigel's Cross Keys12585
    9Cavendish Magic12582
    10Borough Boys12172
  • Thursday World Rules Division 1

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Parkway Rebels1211130
    2Just 4 a Laff126100
    3Parkway Hybrids12598
    4Barmy Army12795
    5P & D Badgers Boys12694
    6Quinns Queers12593
    7P & D Lions12590
    8Bluebell Nite Out12590
    9Dragon Force12588
    10Cavendish Magic12582
  • Thursday PPA Division 1

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Ebeneezer's Inbetweener's12776
    2Yard Revels12676
    3Post Office11769
    4Nice Rack11665
    5The Yard of Ale Utd12460
    6Elmtree Dream Team12459
    8Peacock 'A'12146
  • Thursday PPA Division 2

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Ebeneezers Legends121194
    2Ebeneezer Scrooge12675
    4Bull Bags12460
    5Parkway Rockets12359
    6The Burghley Club12358
    7Parkway Hotshots12456
    8Whittlesey Warriors12455
  • Thursday PPA Division 3

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1The Talbot12779
    2Re-Ale Madrid12678
    3Bluebell Shots12775
    4Boar Bandits12774
    5Prince of Wales Exiles12671
    6Burghley Hounds12457
    8P & D Cuesticks12040
  • Thursday PPA Division 4

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    2Crowland Clowns12573
    3Keys Newbies12672
    4Parkway Kestrels11662
    5Oxcart 'B'12462
    6Humps & Bumps12458
    7Burghley Nomads11251
    8Georgie's Boys 'B'10140
  • Thursday PPA Division 5

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Burghley Meerkats12883
    2Better Second Half11672
    3Georgie's Boys 'D'12570
    5Dragon Fly A12563
    6Norfolk Un Goode12460
    7Psl Del Boys12453
    8Poke and Hope11036
  • Thursday PPA Division 6

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Harrier Hawks121195
    2Blue Boar Ballers12774
    3Fletton Ex Servicemen Legends12571
    4Elm Tree Drunks12769
    5The Newborough Bull12457
    6Boome Breakers12257
    7The Firm12352
    8Peacock Misfits12346
  • Thursday PPA Division 7

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Bizet Ducks10878
    2Ivy Leaf A11668
    3Sportsman Warriors11665
    4The Dragon Balls10349
    5Lost Boys10448
    6S Bar10346
    7Elm Tree Shaggers10137

Latest League Results

Tuesday PPA Womens Division 1 - 28/01/2020

It's the Bubbles7Vs.3Parkway Pocketers
Sports Bra's7Vs.3Elm Tree Biatches
Oxettes1Vs.9Party Animals
Ebeneezer's Babes9Vs.1Burghley Ball Breakers

Wednesday World Rules Division 1 - 22/01/2020

Borough Boys4Vs.11Post Office
Ebeneezer Hotshots6Vs.9Norton Warriors
Sportsman Rockets4Vs.11Yard Legends
Parkway XTC11Vs.4Cavendish Magic
Nigel's Cross Keys9Vs.6Parkway Pirates

Thursday World Rules Division 1 - 23/01/2020

Dragon Force7Vs.8Barmy Army
Parkway Hybrids5Vs.10P & D Badgers Boys
Quinns Queers6Vs.9Parkway Rebels
Cavendish Magic4Vs.11Just 4 a Laff
P & D Lions8Vs.7Bluebell Nite Out

Thursday PPA Division 1 - 23/01/2020

Post OfficeVs.Nice Rack
The Yard of Ale Utd6Vs.4Childers
Elmtree Dream Team6Vs.4Ebeneezer's Inbetweener's
Peacock 'A'5Vs.5Yard Revels

Thursday PPA Division 2 - 23/01/2020

Ebeneezer Scrooge4Vs.6Bull Bags
Ebeneezers Legends6Vs.4Parkway Rockets
The Burghley Club6Vs.4Whittlesey Warriors
Sportsman8Vs.2Parkway Hotshots

Thursday PPA Division 3 - 23/01/2020

Bluebell Shots7Vs.3Burghley Hounds
The Talbot7Vs.3Trotters
Re-Ale Madrid9Vs.1Prince of Wales Exiles
P & D Cuesticks2Vs.8Boar Bandits

Thursday PPA Division 4 - 23/01/2020

Keys Newbies6Vs.4Oxcart 'B'
Parkway KestrelsVs.Georgie's Boys 'B'
Burghley Nomads3Vs.7Humps & Bumps
Crowland Clowns4Vs.6Pmsl

Thursday PPA Division 5 - 23/01/2020

Better Second Half7Vs.3Burghley Meerkats
Psl Del Boys6Vs.4Dragon Fly A
Poke and Hope5Vs.5Crown
Georgie's Boys 'D'3Vs.7Norfolk Un Goode

Thursday PPA Division 6 - 23/01/2020

Harrier Hawks4Vs.6Elm Tree Drunks
Blue Boar Ballers7Vs.3Peacock Misfits
The Newborough Bull6Vs.4Boome Breakers
Fletton Ex Servicemen Legends8Vs.2The Firm

Thursday PPA Division 7 - 23/01/2020

Ivy Leaf A6Vs.4Sportsman Warriors
Lost Boys5Vs.5S Bar
Elm Tree Shaggers6Vs.4The Dragon Balls