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WAYNE ALDRED LADIES COMP SECRETARY (results to the Ladies What’s app group)
SARAH COOK BLACKBALL RULES COMP SECRETARY 07985 740953 (correct What’s app group)
AMY SAWYN PPA RULES INDIVIDUAL COMP SECRETARY 07742 521520 (correct What’s app group)

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Wednesday Blackball Singles KO

These are 'Play by' dates, ALL players to ensure contact is made with their opponents in a timely manner to get matches arranged.

Round 1 Round 2 Quarter Final Semi Final Final Winner
18/12/2023 22/01/2024 19/02/2024 18/03/2024 01/04/2024
H: Paul Hallam
A: James Wilkinson
H: Dan Robinson
A: Dani Gatto
H: James Harford
A: Jon Shaul
H: James Cruickshank
A: Dean Pearson
H: Joe Timms
A: Dave Anderson
H: Lee Defraine
A: Dan Cutts
H: Grant Watson
A: Andy Bunton
H: Roy Hasdell
A: Mike Dandrilli
H: Nico Agius
A: Ivan Knight
H: Hazel Miller
A: Jamie Ingledew
H: Carl Watkins
A: Brian Crumley
H: Rick Gibbons
A: Dave Clark
H: Luke Wilkinson
A: Josh Martin
H: Kye Buchan
A: Kye Buchan
A: Bye
H: Mitch Garner
H: Mitch Garner
A: Bye
H: Ryan Anderson
A: Ryan Anderson
A: Bye
No.Team NameMain Contact Number
1.Paul Hallam07999450228
2.James Wilkinson07947277799
3.Dan Robinson07958629043
4.Dani Gatto07857967756
5.James Harford07707118440
6.Jon Shaul07974700252
7.James Cruickshank07714624735
8.Dean Pearson07535994817
9.Joe Timms07913188850
10.Dave Anderson07703854362
11.Lee Defraine07540218717
12.Dan Cutts07368121782
13.Grant Watson07305082081
14.Andy Bunton07951747088
15.Roy Hasdell07508827679
16.Mike Dandrilli07502225353
17.Nico Agius07843333160
18.Ivan Knight07837378888
19.Hazel Miller07904324319
20.Jamie Ingledew07908768218
21.Carl Watkins07748955691
22.Brian Crumley07305874500
23.Rick Gibbons07932535902
24.Dave Clark07786850818
25.Luke Wilkinson07706429998
26.Josh Martin07790225401
27.Kye Buchan07966103078
29.Mitch Garner07592644060
31.Ryan Anderson07731455718