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WAYNE ALDRED LADIES COMP SECRETARY (results to the Ladies What’s app group)
SARAH COOK COMPETITIONS SECRETARY 07985 740953 (correct What’s app group)
WAYNE ALDRED INTERNATIONAL RULES COMP SECRETARY (results to the Ladies What’s app group)
PPA RULES COMP SECRETARY (correct What’s app group)

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Thursday International Rules Captains KO

These are 'Play by' dates, ALL players to ensure contact is made with their opponents in a timely manner to get matches arranged.

Round 1 Quarter Final Semi Final Final Winner
01/01/2024 05/02/2024 11/03/2024 01/04/2024
H: Louise Wright1
H: Louise Wright0
A: Carl Watkins0
H: Mick Cooke1
H: Mick Cooke
A: Mick Cooke1
A: Bye
H: Mick Cooke1
H: Sarah Cook
H: Sarah Cook0
A: Bye
A: Sam Baker0
H: Sam Baker
A: Sam Baker1
A: Bye
Mick Cooke
H: Mark Killick
H: Mark Killick1
A: Bye
H: Mark Killick1
H: Andy Punter
A: Andy Punter0
A: Bye
A: Mark Killick0
H: Nick Smith
H: Nick Smith1
A: Bye
A: Nick Smith0
H: Sally Pickering
A: Sally Pickering0
A: Bye
No.Team NameMain Contact Number
1.Louise Wright07411677456
2.Carl Watkins07748955691
3.Mick Cooke07718280573
5.Sarah Cook07985740953
7.Sam Baker07368520913
9.Mark Killick07753136768
11.Andy Punter07814920095
13.Nick Smith07876261803
15.Sally Pickering07584356615