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WAYNE ALDRED LADIES COMP SECRETARY (results to the Ladies What’s app group)
SARAH COOK COMPETITIONS SECRETARY 07985 740953 (correct What’s app group)
WAYNE ALDRED INTERNATIONAL RULES COMP SECRETARY (results to the Ladies What’s app group)
PPA RULES COMP SECRETARY (correct What’s app group)

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Thursday Blackball Team KO

Round 1 Quarter Final Semi Final Final Winner
16/11/2023 21/12/2023 01/02/2024 28/03/2024
H: Court Gold8
H: Court Gold1
A: Yard of Ale4
H: Court Gold1
H: P & D Lions8
A: P & D Lions0
A: Quinns OAP's6
H: Court Gold1
H: Court Break and Hope
H: Court Break and Hope1
A: Bye
A: Court Break and Hope0
H: Trotters
A: Trotters0
A: Bye
Court Gold
H: Post Office
H: Post Office8
A: Bye
H: Post Office1
H: Inbetweener's
A: Inbetweener's3
A: Bye
A: Post Office0
H: Yard Revels
H: Yard Revels1
A: Bye
A: Yard Revels0
H: Nice Rack
A: Nice Rack0
A: Bye
No.Team NameMain Contact Number
1.Court GoldAdy Bonsor - 07825757006
2.Yard of AleKye Buchan - 07966103078
3.P & D LionsRoy Hasdell - 07508827679
4.Quinns OAP'sRon Oliver - 07840651688
5.Court Break and HopeJosh Martin - 07790225401
7.TrottersConnor Rippin - 07821845510
9.Post OfficeMartyn Allen - 07914640734
11.Inbetweener'sBen Fowler - 07940875827
13.Yard RevelsJames Hopkin - 07932976950
15.Nice RackDan Robinson - 07958629043