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WAYNE ALDRED LADIES COMP SECRETARY (results to the Ladies What’s app group)
SARAH COOK COMPETITIONS SECRETARY 07985 740953 (correct What’s app group)
WAYNE ALDRED INTERNATIONAL RULES COMP SECRETARY (results to the Ladies What’s app group)
PPA RULES COMP SECRETARY (correct What’s app group)

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Thursday PPA Rules Singles KO

Round 1 Round 2 Quarter Final Semi Final Final Winner
18/12/2023 22/01/2024 19/02/2024 18/03/2024 01/04/2024
H: James Langton3
H: James Langton
A: Kevin Eldred0
H: James Langton3
H: J Crawford V
A: Bye
A: Dan MartinV
H: James Langton4
H: Will Carroll3
H: Will Carroll2
A: Keith Beeby1
A: Steve Robinson0
H: Jennifer Higgins1
A: Steve Robinson3
A: Steve Robinson3
H: James Langton1
H: Jason Barton1
H: Mick Chapman3
A: Mick Chapman3
H: Mick Chapman1
H: Aron Leedell3
A: Aron Leedell2
A: Paul Stimson2
A: Gavin Sampson2
H: Gavin Sampson3
H: Gavin Sampson3
A: Kieren Murphy2
A: Gavin Sampson3
H: James Williams3
A: James Williams1
A: Mike Mack1
James Langton
H: Paul Johnson2
H: Steve Watson0
A: Steve Watson3
H: Jonathan Shaul0
H: Charlie Casbon0
A: Jonathan Shaul3
A: Jonathan Shaul3
H: Simon Briggs1
H: Nathan Rudkin3
H: Nathan Rudkin0
A: Scott Hudson1
A: Simon Briggs3
H: Danny Stones1
A: Simon Briggs3
A: Simon Briggs3
A: Jason Bisley0
H: Darren Bradley2
H: Jason Bisley3
A: Jason Bisley3
H: Jason Bisley3
H: Steve Waller
A: Steve Waller0
A: Bye
A: Jason Bisley4
H: Brad Panton
H: Brad Panton0
A: Bye
A: Tony Beaney2
H: Tony Beaney
A: Tony Beaney3
A: Bye
No.Team NameMain Contact Number
1.James Langton07804660064
2.Kevin Eldred07984804375
3.J Crawford
4.Dan Martin07961843886
5.Will Carroll07808132337
6.Keith Beeby07852886910
7.Jennifer Higgins07399006115
8.Steve Robinson07745267969
9.Jason Barton07740350585
10.Mick Chapman07846808820
11.Aron Leedell07730012892
12.Paul Stimson07706630817
13.Gavin Sampson07487648354
14.Kieren Murphy07533791482
15.James Williams07725171588
16.Mike Mack07817553269
17.Paul Johnson07407077404
18.Steve Watson07851968917
19.Charlie Casbon07889780664
20.Jonathan Shaul07974700252
21.Nathan Rudkin07541477262
22.Scott Hudson07783561999
23.Danny Stones07593874518
24.Simon Briggs07931974905
25.Darren Bradley07469233878
26.Jason Bisley07546541926
27.Steve Waller07583145733
29.Brad Panton07547195424
31.Tony Beaney07961531701