As one of the largest Pool Associations in the region, with over 1000 players, made up of Youths (10 to 18 years of age) and Adults (18 years onwards). We are proud to be able to provide facilities and promote the Sport of Pool in the Peterborough area, with varied evenings to choose from, giving young and old alike, the opportunity to grow in the sport and providing the experience with the option of a relaxing, enjoyable night out or a competitive challenge, in a safe and controlled environment.


League Standings

  • Tuesday PPA Womens Division 1

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Poke & Hopers6444
    2It's the Bubbles5438
    3Ball Breakers5437
    4Legion Sausages5329
    5Party Animals5123
    6Dragonfly Dreamers5114
    7Lets Do Shots5012
  • Wednesday International Division 1

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Parkway Newbies6665
    2Nigel's Happy Keys6552
    3Parkway Elite6452
    4Parkway XTC6351
    5Court C Nuts6345
    6Parkway Jokers6244
    7Boulevard Club6038
    8Norton Cavaliers6137
  • Wednesday International Division 2

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Farcet Flukes6558
    2Court Misfits5456
    3Bowls Club Nomads5447
    4Borough Boys5339
    5Court Cubs5239
    6OG Sportsbar A5028
    7D'N'D Flyers5021
  • Thursday International Division 1

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Cross Keys Silver5455
    2Cosmic Keys6554
    3Yard Muppets5445
    4Parkway Rebels5343
    5Boulevard Barmy Army5235
    6Sportsbar Trickshots4133
    7Shotz All Round5132
    8Just 4 a Laff5128
    9P & D Badgers Boys4127
  • Thursday International Division 2

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Court Gold5569
    2Booming Keys6561
    3Court Bronze5453
    4P & D Lions5450
    5Court Flukes5240
    6Ladies of the Court6236
    7Shoe Shots5127
    9Norfolk Un Goode5121
  • Thursday Black Ball Division 1

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    2Nice Rack6350
    3Yard Revels6449
    4Quinns OAP's6240
  • Thursday PPA Division 1

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Whittle till We Die6339
    2Fletton Ex Servicemen6338
    3All Day Long Mate6436
    4Burghley Beercats6335
    5Burghley Club6334
    6Bluebell Shots6330
    7RFS 3656130
    8Blue Boar Ballers6018
  • Thursday PPA Division 2

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Boulevard Meerkats5331
    2All Beer No Idea5330
    3George's Angels5230
    4The Talbot6229
    5Bluebell Nite out5126
    7Boar Bandits5123
  • Thursday PPA Division 3

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Fletton Lost N Found5434
    2The Bullox5331
    3Dragonfly Dossers5231
    4Burlghy Nomads6229
    7Cross Keys Golfers5122
  • Thursday PPA Division 4

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Legionnaires B4329
    2Just the Tip4327
    3Tarts on Tour4223
    4Boulevard Shaggers5122
    5Whittle Nomads4122
    7The Oxballs4012
  • Thursday PPA Division 5

    Team NamePlayedPWonWPointsPts
    1Fly by Nights4329
    2The Dragon Ballz5329
    3Henry the 8th Bottle Jobs5228
    4The Foods Good4326
    5Court Appearance4225
    6Fletton Night out4119
    7Right on Cue408

Latest League Results

Tuesday PPA Womens Division 1 - 04/06/2024

Poke & Hopers6Vs.4Party Animals
Legion Sausages3Vs.7Ball Breakers
It's the Bubbles10Vs.0Dragonfly Dreamers

Wednesday International Division 1 - 05/06/2024

Boulevard Club5Vs.10Parkway XTC
Norton Cavaliers7Vs.8Parkway Elite
Parkway Newbies9Vs.6Court C Nuts
Parkway Jokers7Vs.8Nigel's Happy Keys

Wednesday International Division 2 - 05/06/2024

Farcet Flukes9Vs.6Court Misfits
Bowls Club Nomads10Vs.5OG Sportsbar A
Court Cubs10Vs.5D'N'D Flyers

Thursday International Division 1 - 06/06/2024

Shotz All Round5Vs.10Cosmic Keys
Sportsbar Trickshots15Vs.0P & D Badgers Boys
Cross Keys Silver12Vs.3Just 4 a Laff
Parkway Rebels10Vs.5Boulevard Barmy Army

Thursday International Division 2 - 06/06/2024

Court Bronze11Vs.4Ladies of the Court
Shoe Shots4Vs.11Norfolk Un Goode
Booming Keys4Vs.11Court Gold
Court Flukes9Vs.6Trotters

Thursday Black Ball Division 1 - 06/06/2024

Boulevard8Vs.7Quinns OAP's
Nice Rack9Vs.6Yard Revels

Thursday PPA Division 1 - 06/06/2024

RFS 3655Vs.5Whittle till We Die
Burghley Club6Vs.4Bluebell Shots
Blue Boar Ballers2Vs.8Fletton Ex Servicemen
All Day Long Mate4Vs.6Burghley Beercats

Thursday PPA Division 2 - 06/06/2024

The Talbot4Vs.6George's Angels
Boulevard Meerkats5Vs.5PMSL
Bluebell Nite out3Vs.7All Beer No Idea

Thursday PPA Division 3 - 06/06/2024

Burlghy Nomads4Vs.6I.Cues
The Bullox6Vs.4Cross Keys Golfers
Fletton Lost N Found6Vs.4Legionairs

Thursday PPA Division 4 - 23/05/2024

Boulevard Shaggers5Vs.5Legionnaires B
Tarts on Tour6Vs.4The Oxballs
Cuestics5Vs.5Whittle Nomads

Thursday PPA Division 5 - 23/05/2024

The Dragon Ballz6Vs.4Henry the 8th Bottle Jobs
Right on Cue1Vs.9Court Appearance
The Foods Good6Vs.4Fly by Nights